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When his fingers descended below her bellybutton she began to keen wildly behind a clenched jaw, bucking and writhing with renewed strength when he cupped her hair covered mound. It was much the same with a recalcitrant woman. She was no match for him. To add to her shame and because he knew he could do it, he would make sure she thoroughly enjoyed it, every painful, pleasurable step of the way. She would learn to do exactly as she was told, or suffer the consequences. His middle finger delved boldly between those exposed lips to the very heart of her, grinning broadly when he found himself baptized in her juices.

Every thought in her head, every nerve in her body seemed to be concentrated right where his hand was, right where his breath drifted hotly over the area that he was deliberately agitating. Instantly, his hand was removed, only to smack down hard against the heart of her desire. Pain exploded where only pleasure had existed before, then again and again. Bryce spanked her pussy five times total, not going easy on her despite the loud screams each slap elicited. As she was trying to recover from the horrifying feeling of being spanked in a place no one had ever touched in her life, he slid his lips and hands between her legs, his broad-as-a-barn shoulders naturally keeping her spread wide for him.

Mouth opened as far as possible, he settled it over that puffy nubbin, holding her down as she arched up violently, a mindless moaning cry springing from her lips at the explosive pleasure. Slowly, he advanced his fingertip into her moist cavern, watching her response avidly. Then his fingers met an entirely unexpected, fleshy barrier. He pressed again, a little harder.

His mind could barely wrap itself around the thought, but there was no denying it: Your cart is currently empty. Thianna Durston Tiffany N. Greaves 4 Amanda Dashwood 4 S. Dunn 1 Asa Jones 1. The only things that were a certainty in her life now were repeated rape and death. She had to get out of here. There was no give. It was as if she, herself, had tied them, dammit. She could hear her brother, Dirce, cackling at her dilemma in that annoying manner of his. Of course, if he knew of her situation he would have already mounted a rescue attempt, however foolhardy.

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That was where Brietta had always come in. Despite the fact that her head throbbed with even the smallest of movements, Brietta nonetheless began to pull against her bonds, and explore the small cell she was in as best she could. Settling back onto the floor in what must have been a more orderly fashion than she had arrived there originally, Brietta set her mind to concentrating on two things: Working her wrists and hands within the tight ropes rubbed her tender flesh raw in spots, but it would be more than worth it if she could manage to escape.

It took her a long while but she was patient and eventually the already fraying ropes gave way. In the dense darkness, she got on all fours and felt around, gaining a physical knowledge of her surroundings. Her jail was less than three feet in circumference and probably seven feet deep and. Her only real hope was to get out of this place and back to Hallobert Keep.

When the spasms were over, she steeled herself and put her hands right back into the mess they had been in, rooting around for anything that could assist her escape.

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After many long moments and several more instances doubled over, she had what she wanted: Leg bones, her mind wandered and imagined, and her gorge rose again but she fought it back. She had to keep a cool head, and ignore her weak stomach as much as was possible. But afterwards she could always be found hunched over her chamber pot, or letting fly out the nearest window.

But this was the here and now. It took her what was probably several hours, but she managed to claw her way to the top of the hole using the bones to lift herself. And five seconds later, a big, hard hand clamped down onto her shoulder. Brietta cursed her small size. Grandfather had taught her to. CF rarely disappoints I've read most of her books and she an author you can count on.

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I didn't care for Angel of Sudden Hill -- that seemed rather harsh but then it was set in Medieval times and that time period wasn't known for treating women pleasantly. Overall, the stories were enjoyable. I love Carolyn Faulkner books. This was three different stories. The men are harsh but they love their women. The story's are long enough to develop the characters.

Very good collection of stories about three young women who find themselves in situations beyond their control with men who are very harsh to say the least. The only story I didn't really like was The Centurian but it does have a good ending. This is a good deal as it is 3 books in one. Carolyn Faulkner is one of my favorite authors.

The Badger-Boy Brouhohoho by Andy Duncan

There is no love in any of the stories, but the characters are so real. I wouldn't want to change places with any of those women, but I loved reading about them. All three deal with non-con and two of the three were terrific. I did not like The Centurion as much as the other two. Still, if you enjoy harsher books this one is definitely for you. The kingdom's former heart-throb, Sir Terry, the singing knight, sees his chance to become popular again and with a little help It is Christmas. The kingdom's former heart-throb, Sir Terry, the singing knight, sees his chance to become popular again and with a little help from his butler, Preston, concocts a fiendish plot involving local wizard, Ian Credible, and his owl-pellet-collecting sidekick Will, also known as the badger-boy.

The Badger-Boy Brouhohoho is a pulsating tale of snow, bells, fake reindeer, angry voles, magical bearded men and an elf costume made from a wizard's excess back hair. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 53 pages. Published December 16th by Andy Duncan first published September 2nd More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews.

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