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Similar to Canva, Adobe Spark is another incredibly powerful book cover software that makes book design easy for non-designers. With Adobe Spark, everyone can create a fully customized and professional-looking cover for absolutely free. Sign up an account on Adobe Spark. Choose a book cover template that suits your style and genre. Customize it. Their free version works like a charm.

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Next, we have Snappa, a free desktop graphic designing software that allows you to make your own cover designs, in just a few minutes. You can use it to design anything from books to blogging, infographics and advertising. No design skill or experience required. Looking for a one-stop place for your graphic design needs?

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With its huge range of categories, you can find almost everything that you need for your visual content, flyers, sale posters, and Kindle covers. It has a great set of impressive templates, in which you can easily edit with custom color palettes, images, videos, and font uploader etc.

Book Cover Template Ideas

Browse through the wide selection of Kindle book cover templates. Book cover trends have been heading towards a more minimalist approach for years but the explosion of the e-book market made this pared-back style a prerequisite rather than a design movement.

What are the recommended book cover dimensions?

Designing the perfect e-book cover is about striking the right balance. Many e-books also add a sub-title but this will depend on the available space. Focusing on the words is a pretty sensible tactic to take when creating a Kindle book cover.

How to create a Kindle Paperback book cover

Kindle book covers with words boldly emblazoned across them demand a second glance. Clever use of color is another effective way to make sure your Kindle book cover ends up at the check-out. Bringing bright color into text-centric e-books will work to strengthen the impact of the words.

How to Design a Book Cover for Ebooks and More | Stencil

And many things are converging. In the physical world, where you have paper and ink, where you can leaf through the pages of a book, easily skip back and forth in the library or a bookshop, where you have an actual novel, an object, on your nightstand, the cover is super important.

It gives a feeling of the book, of the content. We become attached to the object and get ready every time we pick it up. The mood almost exists on the outside, to pull us in. It forms part of the package. On your Kindle or Kobo or other e-reader app, how often do you see the book itself?

I mean, as a something?

Kindle Book Covers

Once, twice maybe? The e-book space is the domain of indie publishers, no doubt about it.

follow But there is no publishing house behind an indie. Nobody else, in a corporate sense, is taking the risk at buying a manuscript, slapping a cover on it and getting it out there. But indies we as a group have figured out what readers like, how they respond, how people decide to buy or not. Especially on a place like Amazon, where everything is run by a big data machine that learns from every behavioral element of every user. And space in your house.

There are people in the indie community and I belong to all the Facebook groups that even know how many milliseconds potential readers spend on looking at the cover.