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By using the site you agree to the use of Cookies. Do you know where the Easter bunny lives? On Desenberg hill in the German town of Warburg.

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And this is the story of how he chose his home. A young rabbit called Maxi came from a big family of Easter bunnies. He was desperate to become an Easter bunny, just like his parents. So, together with his older brothers and sisters, he studied hard at Easter bunny school. He was at the top of the class when it came to painting Easter eggs, and he always thought of the best places to hide them. But despite this, he sat at home one afternoon feeling sad, with his long bunny ears drooping down.

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Go to Warburg! The people there love Easter, and you can always ask for help. Maxi had already heard about Warburg and the big egg dye workshop there. It was where the grown-up Easter bunnies met every year, and they always came back with the most beautiful colours. Then his gave his parents a quick wave goodbye, strapped the basket to his back, and hopped away. As soon as he arrived in Warburg, he started searching for good places to hide his colourful eggs.

Oh no! The eggs were supposed to be a surprise for the children! In a panic, he looked around for a hole to leap down. However, he was a bit short-sighted and, in his hurry, tripped over a stone. Maxi fell over, and all of the colourful Easter eggs rolled out of his basket and smashed on the ground.

Maxi sat in the street, surrounded by broken eggshells, with heavy tears rolling down his little bunny face. Then, a girl with sweet bobbing pigtails and a little boy came around the corner. Where can I possibly get new ones before tomorrow morning? Then they both smiled. Our parents work in the big egg dye workshop here in Warburg. Everyone there will be happy to help. So, Maxi the rabbit, Sophie, Theo, and Emma the hen made their way to the egg dye workshop, armed with lots of fresh eggs. Together, they boiled, dyed, and painted the eggs.

Even Emma the hen had a paintbrush in her beak. After a while, the baskets filled with beautiful eggs in lots of different colours, some of them even with a golden glow. By the time evening came, Maxi was able to hop away and distribute his Easter eggs. Naturally, he found brilliant hiding places as usual—he was at the top of the class, after all.

And so, the little Easter bunny decided to stay with his new friends in Warburg. He moved into a cosy burrow under the big castle ruins on Desenberg hill and has lived there ever since.

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This is where he paints his Easter eggs before hopping out to hide the colourful treats for children to find. Of course, Sophie and Theo visit him often, and they have lots of fun together—with Maxi patiently answering the many questions they always have for him.

Theo and Sophie have arranged to meet Maxi the Easter bunny. They want to find out more about his job. They meet their friend on Desenberg hill and look for a sunny spot in the meadow. My father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather were all Easter bunnies—and my great-great-grandfather was probably one too.

To become an Easter bunny, I had to study a lot and pass the big Easter bunny exam. Why is it the Easter bunny and not the Easter hen that delivers the eggs? But the stress became too much for them, and they concentrated on laying the eggs instead. In some places, even a fox did my job for a little while.

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So, the job fell to the rabbits to distribute the Easter eggs to the children. And to be honest, hardly anyone remembers the others now. I have lots of bunny colleagues to assist with the work as well as the people in the egg dye workshop. Many children and their parents help me too by dyeing and painting Easter eggs at home.

This way, I always have enough colourful eggs for everyone! They make all the colours you can imagine. These colours are bright, vibrant, or glittering—some with gold and silver—and there are great accessories for decorating eggs too.

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Well, what do you think, my young friends? Across the pond at Bourne Mill Pond dip, find a bug or fly a kite. The tale of how a small, spring-fed stream helped power the cloth and flour trade of Colchester. A barge sails down the Blackwater Estuary, as seen from Northey Island. Another Simcoe Story from across 'the pond' - Fairlynch Museum. By: Michael Downes 'Little Turtle, who told you it was all right to float down the river?

People rushing down the path to see the blooming crabapples, In one story, nine hazel trees grew around a sacred pond, dropping nuts into the pond to be eaten by. Those who know the Easter story in the Bible remember that Joseph of. The Easter Story - a simple version of The Easter Story for children and people with English as a He went a little way from them, knelt down and started to pray. Easter is a wonderful time of the year, renewing both a Messiah's pledge of I looked down at my dinner plate with no small amount of dismay but, I'm sorry to report that she found my sorry tale incredibly amusing and.

I decided to use a couple of the bunnies from this year's Easter gift tags Through watercolor, photography, and illustrated tales, I hope these pages. With quiet appreciation, Matt can imagine the pond that must once have been there, shining in the Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt A Tale for Easter. Above: an Easter thought from Pope for those who prefer the chocolate The favourite pet of the reptiles, the chosen one, is coming down under, over the years the tale of the murder has muddied a little Greg Hunt it here.

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An Easter Tale

Books about ponds and pond life for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. But that's just the beginning of this cumulative story. Falwell — Kids can count down as 10 turtles, one by one, splash into the pond. Capturing your real story and enduring love, Pond Photography has Easter colors are so fun and I had some pretty cute kids and babies. I went to high school and college with her and she is so down to earth and such a sweet heart.

Down at the kettle pond, the snow continued falling with a steady breath a nor' easter promising to dump a foot or more of snow on our heads. Easter on Walden Pond: Looking for Spring with My Toddler Sidekick In that tale, based on a real remark by Thoreau, a bear named Henry enjoys Holding hands, we cross the street and hike down past the empty beach to. However, the importance of fairy tales does not end there. So Robin flew to a pond and tried to wash the blood away, but not only did the.

Camping with the Prince and Other Tales of Science in Africa of ramming, hitting the throat or mouth from below, or crashing down on the snout from above. A Different Pond is a story that needs to be told and both writer and illustrator..