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A Look at 6 Haunted Places in Michigan.

Don't get scared! - Review of The Haunted Theatre, Mackinac Island, MI - TripAdvisor

Take a journey into some of the most haunted places in Michigan! From lighthouses to restaurants, there are a slew of locales that have a supernatural past all across the state.

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Keep reading to learn more about these eerie spots, courtesy of Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel. In , as skeptics, we began our search for the truth. After well over investigations, we have found 30 accounts in Michigan alone that carry a mystery leading us directly to the paranormal … events that simply cannot be explained. To determine if paranormal reports at various spots around the state were myths—or something more—we worked with video, audio, and photographic professionals not related or linked to the paranormal.

We wanted completely objective feedback on suspect evidence collected during investigations. Sit back with a glass of fresh cider and a tasty cinnamon doughnut, whatever the season, as we share just a few of our favorite Michigan haunts. The guide takes you to a bonfire to hear tales of werewolves and will-o-the-wisps and lutins and white ladies.

Haunts of Mackinac Tours

When it's time to enter the fort, you don't even blink when you look to see a tiny werewolf entering alongside you and a skeleton soldier peering down from above. Not just for Halloween. Some of the eerie history is told compellingly around campfires, some through characters wandering the grounds and some shared with little embellishment.

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  • The Ghosts of Mackinac Island: The Haunted History of Michigan’s Mysterious Isle.
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  • The Ghosts of Mackinac Island.

Sit on a pew in the fort church, for example, and a priest will share how several bodies were buried under the church floorboards, on consecrated grounds that could be dug up even in the thick of a hard winter freeze. Walking blindly in the dark inside the fort, with only distant fires to guide you, is a thrill in itself.

The many chances to sample toffee and other treats made from historic recipes are fun, too. The highlight for many, though, is the haunted house created expertly by fort exhibit designers, atop one of the row houses and based on those authentic legends. You hear a loud screech of a cat, and at one point glowing hands reach out asking if you would like to pet the lutin.

About Our Island

The event runs Oct. She was take ill suddenly on the island but her parents had to leave to take care of business in Detroit.

She died before her parents got back. Locals as well as tourists, report seeing the apparition of a little girl on the balcony of Mission Point and hearing a young female voice calling for her mom and dad. Perry Hotel is said to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide in the hotel in People report that she can be seen frequently looking toward the lake.

She can be heard screaming during some nights and that of George Parris.

Fort Mackinac Cannon Shot on Mackinac Island

Since George died, the light in the lighthouse comes on at dusk and fades away at dawn although the light had been permanently disabled. Built in the s by the Moral Re-armament Movement, it was once the headquarters of the movement which had a mission of cultivating world peace. During the War of , Fort Mackinac was captured by the British.

A Haunting at Mackinac

In , the British and the Americans fought on the north side of the island and there were some casualties. The island was returned to the US in through the Treaty of Ghent. The Fort also served as a prison for 3 Confederate sympathizers during the Civil War. Archaeologists have excavated various prehistoric fishing camps on Mackinac Island, as well as in the surrounding areas.