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The necessary supplies include:.

Sit on the couch, without a project in mind, and start practicing your stitches. The more effective you are at the basic stitches, the better your projects will turn out.

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Be patient with yourself. It can take time to master these stitches.

Late s Knitwear | Hooded sweater, Sweaters, Sporty

However, the time you take is important. Once you have a good handle on the foundation stitches, choose a simple project. Consider the following:. Knitting is often a social activity and classes are offered in most communities. Check with your local tailor, yarn or craft store, or your community education center.

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Newly Added Knit Patterns

Results for - scotch. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! The original s patterns, available to download below, show the wide range of items knitted during the War: a fatigue cap that could double as a scarf, a balaclava helmet and a waistcoat for men, as well as knitted turbans, a When You're 'Off Duty' jumper its title hinting at the change in women's roles at this time , and gloves for women.

LACE SCARF KNITTING TUTORIAL - Vintage Lace Scarf Revisited, Beginners Edit

They also show the many specialised patterns developed in response to the specific needs of the time. For example, the gloves have long wristbands for extra warmth, while the balaclava helmet has earflaps "to enable good hearing during telephone calls". Choose Air Force blue or khaki wool".

Get Started Knitting | Pattern Categories

Suggested yarn: 'Greenock' Yarn weight: Super Fingering, 3-ply allow 1 ounces. On No. Suggested yarn: Jaeger 'Spiral-Spun' Yarn weight: 3 ounces Gauge: 6 stitches to 1 inch in width, and 11 rows to 2 inches in depth, measured over the garter-stitch Needle size: a pair of UK No. Suggested yarn: 'Sirdar' Super Shetland wool Yarn weight: 3-ply, 3 ounces.